J. Anderson Mills III PhD

Unfortunately, as of 2011-10-06, my schedule is too full to accept new clients. I will update this page once I am available again.

My name is Anderson Mills and I am a consultant in the following areas of acoustics and computing.

Areas of Expertise

  • digital signal processing (DSP)
  • audio analysis including noise, music, speech, and laughter
  • audio processing algorithm development
  • audio and music software development
  • sound sythesis algorithms
  • embedded system and microcontroller programming for audio devices
  • psychoacoustic modeling
  • computational acoustics
  • signal conditioning and sensor integration
  • head-related transfer function (HRTF) implementation
  • data sonification and sound icon development

Specific Services

As a consultant, I can provide as well as suggest strategies for the following services in any of the areas of expertise mentioned above.

  • research, specifically
    • getting up to speed quickly and communicating about the state of the art of a specialization within acoustics and computation
    • prototyping and testing technologies
    • understanding where product development is necessary as opposed to licensing of technologies
    • understanding the new value in the interconnectedness of technologies as well as technological development
  • product development
  • project management
  • commercialization of research technologies
  • detail and group oriented programming (Java, C/C++)
  • instruction
  • expert witness